Real Fur vs Fake Fur: The best fur you

It is widely believed that the first item of clothing ever used by humans was made of animal hides. Humans have always had an affinity for the warmth and luxury that these hides provide. But due to the uproar against natural fur because of moral concerns for animal rights, a new product is supposed to look and feel just like it has been created. Faux fur, which is a pile fabric, is designed to have the appearance and warmth of animal fur. Recently, it has become quite difficult to tell the difference between real and fake fur, but obviously, there will still be some qualities that set the original apart from the fake.

Fake fur is a synthetic fabric, usually made from a mix of acrylic and polyester fibers. This is a good thing for most people from a moral point of view, as it comes without the harming of a living animal. It can be manufactured in just about any color and comes in different levels of thickness. 

Because faux fur is made of synthetic materials, it can be a lot easier to care for than natural fur. Most clothes made with faux fur can simply be hand-washed or even washed with a washing machine, whereas natural fur usually has to be handled professionally. Products made from genuine fur normally have complex care instructions if you want them to keep their great look for a long time. 

Another advantage faux fur has over the original is its low cost. Fake fur is considerably cheaper than natural fur. It can stay soft and shiny for a longer time if given proper care, meaning you could use it for years and it’ll still be good.

On the contrary, the appeal of real fur is incomparable no matter how much some people try. Just like how products from ARIA MODA can not be rivaled in terms of quality and beauty, natural fur can not be matched. Faux fur may replicate the look of its natural counterpart but it can not recreate the innate and natural qualities of real fur. Faux fur can be dyed in many colors but natural fur comes in spectacular colors and patterns. The amazing full texture of real fur in itself can not be duplicated. Some animals have been blessed naturally with thick fur that allows them to survive in some of the harshest conditions on earth. So it provides incredible warmth to the wearer.

Also, real fur is a renewable and sustainable resource that is very eco-friendly compared to synthetic furs. Natural fur is organic so it is biodegradable, unlike synthetic furs which are made from petrochemicals and won’t break down for centuries.

Both types of fur have their advantages over one another so it is up to you to select the one you prefer. But if you do go natural, be sure to check out for your clothing needs because they are made from the very best quality furs. They are sure to keep you warm and spice up your wardrobe.

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