Being Stylish While Helping the Environment

Being Stylish While Helping the Environment

Yearly, the human population produces 220 million tons of trash. And it is really a big problem as it does, a lot of health hazards plus it ruins our home, our only home. Health and the environment are linked together.

 According to the World Health Organization there are thirteen million deaths per year that is caused by environmental factors. There are lots of serious complications that come out in relation to environmental factors. Let’s act now and make an effort to help save the environment.

It’s lunch time – do you have a packed lunch? Have you heard of designer lunch bags? Not only is it stylish and fun, it also feels good to know that at least you are contributing for the good of the environment. How about your bottled water, do you find ways to recycle it? There are so many factors that contribute to the amount of trash that can be produced.

 For an instance, eating at a fast food chain, ordering soft drinks together with a food that is packed inside a Styrofoam. Imagine millions or even billions of people doing the same thing at the same time, it is a huge pile of trash that is not decaying.

It can contribute to a lot of health hazard. Because of today’s technology and lifestyle, all of us contribute to more amount of garbage. What we can do is to at least minimize it. There are some ways to help reduce it:

  1. Classify the kind of trash from home. Sort it out from paper, plastics, tin cans, glasses etc. There are organizations that are focused in recycling. Some even make a profit out of garbage and use it for town projects or others.
  2. Create a compost pile. It consists of dry leaves, barks and branches, left over foods. It is beneficial for the garden owners and also to our environment as well.
  3. You can have an instant pen organizer out of bottled water that is cut in half, covered with a colored magazine.
  4. Public awareness is one of the key. People should know the consequences of too much waste in the environment and also how to reduce it so that many will be part of trying to save the environment.
  5. Most importantly reduce the amount of trash. For example use rechargeable batteries instead. Be conscious of the amount of trash that we contribute.
  6. Join a club that reinforces on how to recycle, reuse and reduce the waste. By taking part of it, and by spreading the news to have more people to join the club as well to do projects that deeply concern on how to lessen the wastes in the environment.

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