The News is Good News – And There Is Peace

The News is Good News - And There Is Peace

The good news is that the good news is no longer “The Secret”. The Law of Attraction has been spoken about and written about during all times, and yet the cultural barriers like organized religion and feudal political power (which we still have today, we call it corporate) placed the information in the inner circles.

If you’ve attracted the “Secret” or The Law of Attraction to yourself in any way shape or form, then you know. Information about it is everywhere right now. The world is ready for an overhaul towards peace, it seems.

If any of the desired outcomes in your life are related to peace, whether that means absence of war, or tranquility or quiet at home when you want it, where is your peace at?

Do you feel peaceful right now?

Do you feel peaceful when your child loses it and calls you a @#$%&& moron before he/she slams their door?

Do you feel peaceful when your car doesn’t start or the washing machine just stops?

Do you……okay, you can finish the list for yourself, specifically for you.

The next good news is, the proportion of race consciousness that is rooting for everyone to have peace, fulfillment, riches, not to mention edible food and drinkable water in their lives, is HUGE.

I checked out a few blog carnivals yesterday that had to do with “good”, and I would need a month to read them all, and I mean 12 hours a day! The piece of the pie that is focused on good outcomes for this planet is a big piece and it is mind boggling!

The hundreds and hundreds of squid lenses that have been written share their Ad Sense and sales income from internet marketing with charities – the details don’t matter. The goodies are getting circulated.

Goodness is increasing.

Many celebrities are putting more and more of their resources toward alleviating world hunger and distress.

Even Paris Hilton wants to do social good, so let’s support her and not be mean about her past. She certainly has the ability to help others change their lives if she proceeds with her plan. James Hillman who wrote “The Soul’s Code” explains that we all enter our lives with a guiding force, who arranges circumstances so that we can head toward our greatness. He doesn’t say “except heiresses”.

The good news is for everyone. Take a moment every day to think about the good in your life. (It’s kind of insurance because of all the good chemicals that flow into our bodies when we do that).

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