How Reading Good News Can Keep Your Positive Attitude High

How Reading Good News Can Keep Your Positive Attitude High

If you are working on building your positive attitude, it is advisable to pay no attention to the news at all. The first thing that we were taught as new journalism students was the concept of newsworthiness. News reporters write to attract readers who will buy the papers and support the advertising income.

 A man being bitten by a dog will likely not be reported at all. However, if the man is bitten by a police dog, this is more likely to be reported. A pretty pre-school girl being bitten by a dog will receive great attention.

The reason why I don’t take time to read most of the newspaper is that generally, there is nothing that I can do about the things that are reported. I cannot fix oil spills, volcanic ash clouds or stock market crashes.

The other more important reason for not reading the newspaper is that many articles are driven by a ‘fear’. Also, if I don’t read the papers, I instantly free up a slot in my day when I can take action and live my life. I can also replace a negative fear about how bad the world is today with a more enlightened positive outlook.

If you are worried that you will not know what is going on in the world, then try this, each day instead of striking up a conversation about the weather or a lovely piece of jewelry, try asking people what is in the headlines today and learn about what is happening in the world today that way. You will learn more about the person you are conversing with.

I make an effort to only read the good news. You can find good news. In many coffee shops you will find a publication called coffee news. This is designed to be read in around 10 minutes and contains only good news, amazing facts and so on.

 Puzzle pages and extra sections of the paper are generally OK. Many weekend papers have magazine inserts which contain great informative news items. Some even provide positive attitude columns.

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