Tips for Getting a Job in Television

Hollywood is home to A-list actors like Leonardo DiCaprio, Scarlett Johannsen, and Brad Pitt. There are countless well-known film directors and producers like Heather Parry, James Cameron, and Clint Eastwood. It’s also home to many famous television productions and stars. Not everyone who comes to Hollywood wants to go into film. Some want to get into television. If you’re interested in making it in television, here are three tips for getting started.

Start at the Bottom

Just like getting into movies, those who wish to get into television don’t generally start at the top. There’s nothing wrong with having aspirations of becoming a television director or actor. Getting to these positions, however, require time and effort. The best way to start your journey is to start at the bottom as a production assistant, runner, or tape logger. As you gain experience and knowledge, you can start the climb to where you want to be.

Take Opportunities as They Come

Once you get your foot in the door, you’ll likely be presented with opportunities related to television. Even if those opportunities don’t pay, require you to work nights, or involve long commutes, take them as they come. Show the higher-ups in the industry that you’re willing to work hard and that you truly want to be there. These opportunities will likely reward you with valuable experience and new connections that can help you along your path.

Don’t Quit

You’ll probably hear this one a lot, but it’s an important one: don’t quit. Things might get hard. You might get tired and frustrated. You may feel like all of your work is for nothing. Don’t quit. Eventually, your hard work will pay off.

Like getting into movies, getting int television isn’t easy. If you’re willing to work hard and show that you have what it takes, you can become successful.

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