Why Technology is a Necessity for Business

Why Technology is a Necessity for Business

The role of technology 20 years ago was really in its infancy phase that could be categorized by solutions that were stove-piped, custom developed, and were not enterprise wide solutions that supported mission objectives.

These solutions were built on mainframes, computers were not networked together, there was no collaboration built-in software, computer hardware was expensive, and the internet was just beginning.

 Technology solutions have become more sophisticated in time and are now very relevant is solving the most complex business problems. The advancement of technology has allowed for the development of mobile computing, social networking, cloud computing, and big data to name a few technologies that are changing the landscape of business.

 The role of technology is now becoming even more important for businesses to stay competitive against other companies in the industry. Companies spend millions of dollars for technology solutions to build capabilities that would differentiate their organization from their competitors. We will be discussing the top 3 reasons why technology is becoming a necessity for business.

The need to manage large volumes of data. Companies rely on data to support their daily operations and to make key management decisions. As the market presence grows for organizations, so does the data their customer data. Twitter and Facebook are companies that have large amounts of data to support their customer base of 500 million to 1 billion customers, respectively.

The advancement of technology is allowing these organizations to become more efficient and increase their capabilities to better support their customer requirements. The ability to manage big data and to capitalize on data to drive revenue is a big driver for companies to use technology solutions.

The need to secure enterprise data. Most companies manage their data through networked computers and are online to support information exchange with their vendors to manufacture a product or produce a service.

The need to secure the corporate infrastructure, networks, customer information, and data exchanges are becoming even more vital based on the sophisticated practices that hackers have adopted to break into secure networks. Anytime a large organization’s has been hacked, it becomes front page news that leads to financial loss to the organization.

The need to go mobile. The economy is making corporations do more work with fewer resources. The need for the workforce to be able to communicate from anywhere at any time is becoming a necessity for corporations to stay competitive in their industry. Companies are reducing their overhead cost by allowing their workforce to work remotely to save on facility costs.

Technology is allowing organizations to accomplish their mobile vision by deploying software to help manage their mobile devices, secure mobile access to corporate data, and providing software to allow employees to collaborate. The mobile platform is evolving and technology leaders are innovating the ways in which people do their work.

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