Box Champion From Aborning and the Other Week’s News

Box Champion From Aborning and the Other Week's News

Participation in this league will be very important for young sportsman from Oborniki Michal Chudecki in his preparation to World Championships that can guarantee his attendance in Olympic Games.

Tickets for bad parking

We have been always parking between Czarnkowska a Zamkowa street in the marketplace in Oborniki. But now you can get tickets for doing this. Municipal Guards started giving tickets after parking places were replaced by bicycle paths and no longer exist.

Drivers are angry because the space for parking is very limited in the marketplace in Oborniki but unfortunately for them rules are clear and parking on the bicycle path is forbidden. They will have to find another place to park, unfortunately, usually far away from the marketplace.

Swimming pool, cinema and bowling

Swimming pool, trips to cinema and palm house in Poznan that just a few activities that were prepared by Sport Center in Oborniki for children in the winter break. During the two week winter break children had opportunity not only to play sport but also find out more about the safety on the road during their visit in the police and fire brigade headquarters.

There were also many other activities and competitions that kept children busy for hours and didn’t allow them to get bored and alone at home.

Playground in Roznowo

The new mayor of Oborniki Tomasz Sarema had to clarify the issues concerning the playground in Roznowo that was built about three months ago. The building company agreed everything with the previous mayor but the contractor built additional wall that was necessary because of safety reasons and because of that contractor wanted more money for additional work.

Unfortunately they didn’t manage to meet the former mayor Anna Rydzewska before elections and the new mayor Tomasz Sarema had to cope with the problem. At the end Tomasz Sarema agreed to pay 30% of additional amount of money that the building company wanted which was accepted by the other party.

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