The Good News is You Are Lucky to Be Alive

The Good News is You Are Lucky to Be Alive

When my husband passed away I thought my life as I knew it was over. I couldn’t imagine how I could go on and live the rest of my life without him. Then I thought of my two beautiful children.

They need their mom and I am lucky to be alive to see them grow up and see all of their accomplishments in life. The good news is I suffered a great loss but I am still alive and have my whole life ahead of me.

When you suffer a great loss you have two choices about how you will live the rest of your life. It’s up to you and you alone. You can bury your head in the sand and disassociate yourself from the rest of the world or you can choose to go on with your life and live it to the fullest. What will you accomplish by withdrawing from the people that love you?

The good news is you can make a list of the things that are good in your life, your children, parents, pets, etc. What do you have to look forward to, weddings, graduations, etc.? Nobody can make this decision for you. Would your loved one want you to live the rest of your life in misery?

The first few months are tough and you might feel as though you are just going through the motions of living. Go and join support groups and meet other people that you can share your story with.

You also want to keep busy. Go out with friends, find a hobby, something you enjoy doing. The good news is life is beautiful and you are lucky to be alive.

I used to watch the news to find out what’s going on in the world. It seemed that they only reported on the bad things that are happening around us. I realized that if I wanted to live a happy life I would have to take all of the negative energy out of my life.

When I do hear of something bad happening I always think of all of the things in my life and what I have to be thankful for.

No one said that life is going to be easy. There are a lot of bumps in the road but it is how you deal with those bumps that shape your future. The good news is there is always something to look forward to. Things always get better; it might take time but with a great attitude know that you can accomplish anything you want in your life.

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